Yoga & Pandemic

Yoga & Pandemic

By yogamind

Yoga & Pandemic

This fast-paced life, deadlines, long work hours, global pandemic, and catching up with your health are some of the many concerns we face today. The burn-out, excessive stress and the intensive need for self-care call for a halt. Hence, this is the type of rejuvenation that is achievable with yoga, and almost everyone needs it today.

The practice of mindful meditation has deep-seated roots in some of the world's oldest civilizations. China, Japan, and India have evidence of the earliest forms of yoga, and its evolution started there-in. Today, yoga is a sought-after healer for physical, spiritual, and mental ailments. However, this is not the only reason why meditation and asanas are learned and practiced. Earlier, the techniques like "guarding tranquility,” "embracing simplicity," or minimalism were used to attain inner peace and enforce physical strength. 

Yoga is a collective term used to describe an infinite balance and harmony between the mind, body, and soul. It is a life-long commitment to the journey of mindfulness, awareness, self-love. Yoga promotes mindful actions and consciousness by indulging in deep thoughts, reciprocating positivity, and believing in the chakras.

The idea of learning how to belong to oneself while strengthening your core can be achieved with the practice of yoga in the long run. The self-altering practice of yoga makes it possible for you to channelize your energy in ways you could never imagine. 

Yoga is a great way to boost brain power, improve memory skills and concentration. As a cherry-on-top, it also keeps your happiness intact by keeping the frontal cortex active. The frontal cortex is an area in your brain related to happiness and feelings of euphoria. 

Dramatic changes can be observed in one's lifestyle with long term meditative practice. Yoga keeps mental health in check by keeping stress levels low while keeping you motivated for the daily drills.  In short, yoga in its true essence-along with all its psychological and physical aspects- can be your guardian angel and a protective shield to combat arduous challenges. Come, what may.