Our Story

For generations, our founding family has been sharing the incredible healing power of yoga. Our starting belief has always been that yoga is for everybody. Our mission is to show just how the yogi mindset extends so much further than traditional yoga poses and meditationit encompasses everything that has to do with a healthy, authentic, conscious lifestyle. The apparel we create is here to inspire you to do better, be better, and feel better in all aspects of your life.

What We Do

We promote conscious consumerism and the wisdom of yoga to individuals on a global scale. We design our product, operate our business, and partner with organizations that share our vision of a better, healthier planet. And most importantly, we place all human beings at the center of everything we do, inspiring them to live a mindful life.

Our Philosophy

Simplify your life and go back to the basics: you will find the things that truly matter, like feeling good, doing good, and focusing on the essentials. At yogamind, we're detaching fitness apparel from yoga and all about bringing it back to the basics.

None of this is about buying what you don't need, boosting your ego, or following a health trend: it's about inviting others to transcend the limitations of the mind. Being mindful about what you consume—whether physically or mentally—is what truly awakens your mind and raises your consciousness.

Our apparel is a testament to being your best, authentic self. After all, the clothes we put on our backs are only temporary. Our human experience, however, is infinite.


Learn more about us at Linktr.ee/yogamind