Yogamind® is a contemporary spiritual wellness brand that aim to transcend boundaries and elevate consciousness among all human beings on earth.

What We Do

Pioneering inner growth and well-being, we embark on a purposeful journey. Hailing from the USA, our startup's impact reaches across the globe in wellness innovation, offering inventive products and curated meditative experiences. Sustainability echoes in our eco-friendly, ethical, certified, and vegan-approved creations. We amplify wisdom, cultivate high-frequency experiences, and advocate meditation for global unity.


Yogamind® exceeds mere trademark status; it's a resonant brand-as-mantra, globally recognized for its serenity and blissful essence. Setting a benchmark for well-being, our name attracts those aspiring to a purposeful, balanced life and self-realization. Comparable to a meditative phrase, it encapsulates unity and spiritual growth, nurturing the mind's fertile soil and yielding intentions over time. Amid modern complexities, Yogamind® guides us back to simplicity, offering a path to presence through daily meditation—a reminder that happiness thrives in life's inspired moments.

Our Story

We bear a multi-generational legacy, spanning decades, devoted to sharing the transformative and healing potency of authentic yoga philosophy. Beyond the realm of mere physicality, yoga unfurls as a holistic life journey, embracing the intricate weave of thoughts, emotions, relationships, and the inward voyage. Our identity as a borderless collective, comprised of passionate yogis, free thinkers, dedicated light workers, and multidimensional beings, forges a united front committed to profoundly enhancing well-being on a global scale. This unity, firmly rooted in shared wisdom and diverse experiences, acts as a catalyst for awakening our most genuine selves, ushering in an era of profound connection and collaborative spirit. Through this potent tapestry of interconnected minds and hearts, we illuminate the path towards a reality blessed with harmony, compassion, and an all-encompassing love for every sentient being.

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.” — Patanjali



    Reminds our deepest body mind soul connection.

    — @gracealfisz

    Promotes conscious living for today's generations.

    — @yogafromtheheart

    A community that encourages awakening.

    — @yogaconmalen